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Copyright Notice

For Authors

Each author must complete and sign an Author’s Declaration and Copyright License form. It can be completed using Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Alternatively, print the form, complete it, scan the signed document, and convert it to a PDF file.

The corresponding author collects and submits forms for all authors.

Manuscripts will not be reviewed until all forms are received. To ensure a blind review, these forms will be separated from the manuscript before it is forwarded to reviewers.

The International Journal of Eye Banking’s mission is to maximize the sharing of high-quality scientific information. Our goal is to consolidate accurate, timely, and relevant eye banking-related content in a single, searchable, free online repository, thereby enabling authors to reach a wider audience. The journal’s copyright policy is to safeguard its rights as publisher while promoting common use of articles within clear and simple parameters. Therefore, the journal asks authors to sign a nonexclusive license that safeguards the journal’s rights to reuse the article in the form in which it appears within the journal while allowing authors and readers to freely share its content.

Acceptable Use

Authors are encouraged to use the complete published version of their manuscripts for the following purposes:

  • Teaching, including photocopying, whether by the author or a faculty colleague;
  • Presentations at scientific conferences;
  • Posting on a secure network such as any author’s institutional site;
  • Posting on an author’s own website; and
  • Within a printed compilation of any author’s own scholarly works.
Permission to Republish

The final version must not be published in any other journal in similar form, in any language, without the prior consent of theInternational Journal of Eye Banking. If an author wishes to reuse a portion of the published version, including any tables, figures, or graphical material, for a subsequent manuscript submitted to another journal, contact the Journal Manager to ensure compliance with the other journal’s permission policies.

Securing Permissions Speeds Publication

Your signature(s) stipulate that all material you submit is original. If you wish to use material from another publisher, you are responsible for checking its copyright status, including whether the material is covered under the Fair Use Provision of U.S. copyright law. Such material includes but is not limited to a direct quotation; table, figure, diagram, or flow chart; or any kind of illustration, artwork, video, podcast, or photography. If another party owns the material, you must obtain written permission to use it. You must also provide evidence of that permission, including a complete citation. Some copyright holders (generally publishers) require permissions fees, and those fees are your responsibility.

Give yourself sufficient time to request and receive permission. Many publishers assign permissions requests to a specific staff person who may be flooded with time-consuming requests.

Should You Submit to the NLM?

Some funding agencies require authors whose work has been underwritten by those agencies to submit the article to a National Library of Medicine (NLM) repository, so it may be accessed online without charge. The journal will inform the NLM of articles that require deposit and will electronically transmit to PubMed Central any article based on research funded in whole or in part by the National Institutes of Health, Wellcome Trust, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, or similar funding agencies.

For Readers

Readers are encouraged to share journal articles with colleagues. Articles

  • May be electronically forwarded or downloaded and printed with all appropriate copyright information embedded within each article.
  • Cannot be altered, excerpted, or recast in any form for any purpose, especially commercial purposes.

Contact the Journal Manager if you would like to reuse material appearing in the International Journal of Eye Banking.