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2021 Vol. 9, No 2

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Sector Opinion, on How Corneal Tissue Should Be Exported, and to Whom - Using the Example of Australia as an Export Nation

Heather M Machin MBA, Gerard Sutton, Paul N Baird PhD

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Storing Corneas - Innovations in Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Michael Rusnack, Thomas D. Miller, CEBT

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Research / Proceedings

Implementation of a Diabetes Rating Scale Can Reduce DMEK Graft Preparation Failure Among Less Experienced Technicians

Andrew T. Duong, BA, Khoa D. Tran, PhD, Christopher S. Sales, MD, MPH, Doowon Huh, PhD1

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Research / Proceedings

The Investigation Process Following a Cluster of Post Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial-Keratoplasty (DSAEK) Endophthalmitis at a Single Eye Bank in Pre-prepared Corneal Tissue

Con Petsoglou, Gerard Sutton, Jane Treloggan, Raj Devasayaham, Pierre Georges, Nick Toalster, Chris Hodge

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