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2018 Vol. 6, No 1

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A Protocol for Implementation and Use of A Tissue Incubator for Rapid Corneal Warming at the Eye Bank

Jameson Clover, CEBT, Amy Ansin, BS, Khoa D. Tran, PhD


Letter from the Editor

Ellen Heck, Editor in Chief

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Original Research

Maximizing Cornea and Tissue Donation through Specimen Quality

Robert W. Bresler, Sydney D. Gastreich, Elias G. Koulouriotis, Linda S. Martin, Susan Diane Brockmeier, Chak-Sum Ho, PhD

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Establishing a Quality Index: One Eye Bank’s Experience Developing a Quality Measurement Tool for Reporting on Tissue Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Marie B.Engstrom, BS, Ryan S. Williams, CEBT, Kristin J. Mathes, MA

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Safety and Usability of Corneas Post Vitreous Draw — A Retrospective Study

Thomas D. Miller, MS, CEBT, Paul J. Trizuto, BS, Caroline K. Hoover, MBA, CEBT, Andrew J. Maxwell, BA, CEBT, and Andrea L. Crosson, BS, CEBT

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Corneal Transplants Outcomes Post-Reporting of Concomitant Potentially Pathogenic Organisms Including Clostridium in Non Ocular Transplant Tissue Results

Ellen Heck, MT, ASCP, MA, CEBT, Nicole Hunter AS, H. Dwight Cavanagh, MD, PhD, FACS

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A Personal View: Preparation and Aftermath of Two Category 5 Hurricanes

Miriam Vazquez

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