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2020 Vol. 8, No 3

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Washing to Dilute May be the Answer to Eliminate Fungus from Donor Corneal Tissue

Roheena M. Kamyar, MD
Julia D. Shatten, MD, M.Ed
Deepinder K. Dhaliwal, MD, L.Ac
Michelle K. Rhee, MD
Alex Mammen, MD
Gaurav Prakash, MD
Vishal Jhanji, MD
Regis P. Kowalski, M(ASCP) MS

Research / Proceedings

Part Two: Defining Surplus and Waste in the Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Era Via Australian and USA Examples

Heather M Machin RN, MBA
Brian Philippy BCHE, CEBT
Collin Ross CEBT
Gerard Sutton MD
Paul Baird PhD

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World Report on Vision

Ramona Bashshur, JD, MJ, CFPH
Collin M. Ross, MPM, CEBT

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Global Perspectives

The Barcelona Principles: A Global Bioethical Framework

Kevin P. Corcoran, CAE

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Research / Proceedings

COVID-19 and the Prevalence of Reactive Tests in Three Eye Banks

Ellen Heck, BS, ASCP, MA
Patricia Dahl, BS, CEBT
Chris Hanna, MBA, CEBT
Valerie Corder, BSN, RN, JD, CTBS
Matthew Petroll, PhD
Dwight Cavanaugh, MD, PhD

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Research / Proceedings

Setting Up A Serum Eye Drops Program

Simone Hennerbichler-Lugscheider

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Letter from Editor

Letter from the Editor

Ellen Heck, BS, ASCP, MA
Co-Editor in Chief

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