Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor

Literature Review

Donors with Melanoma History: The Risk to Ocular Tissue Recipients

Original Research

Keratoconus Following Bilateral Corneal Transplants: An Unusual Case Report and Literature Review

Morphological Screening of Donor Corneal Tissue for Previous Refractive Surgery

Practice-Related Material

Processed Tissue Customization: Development of an Operator-Specific Nomogram for Eye Bank Pre-cut Tissue for DSAEK

Eye Bank Finances in the 21st Century: Tools to Educate Leaders for the Eye Bank of the Future

Evaluation of New Prototype for Corneal Transportation in Eye Banking

In Memoriam: Thomas D. Lindquist, MD, PhD


Teacher, researcher, clinician, eye bank medical director, gentleman, friend all lost to the ophthalmology and eye banking community with the passing of Tom Lindquist.  Thomas Lindquist, MD, Ph.D., was also a husband, father and grandfather. He was active in, and shared his talents with, the Cornea Society, ASCRS, AAO and EBAA.  His grace, wit, insight and knowledge will be missed by all those who knew him. We mourn his passing and will strive to carry forward his legacy.

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