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Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor

Literature Review

Donors with Melanoma History: The Risk to Ocular Tissue Recipients

Original Research

Keratoconus Following Bilateral Corneal Transplants: An Unusual Case Report and Literature Review

Morphological Screening of Donor Corneal Tissue for Previous Refractive Surgery

Practice-Related Material

Processed Tissue Customization: Development of an Operator-Specific Nomogram for Eye Bank Pre-cut Tissue for DSAEK

Eye Bank Finances in the 21st Century: Tools to Educate Leaders for the Eye Bank of the Future

Evaluation of New Prototype for Corneal Transportation in Eye Banking

Donors with Melanoma History: The Risk to Ocular Tissue Recipients


Jennifer Y. Li, MD


Melanoma; corneal transplantation; keratolimbal allograft; donor-recipient transmission


Summary: A case of donor-to-recipient melanoma transmission from keratolimbal allograft tissue has recently been reported to the Eye Bank Association of America. In light of this potential life-threatening adverse event, this article reviews the literature on the topic of donor-to-recipient tumor transmission both in the context of ocular tissue transplantation and solid organ transplantation specifically as it pertains to donors with a history of malignant melanoma.

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