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Table of Contents

Global Perspectives

The Barcelona Principles: A Global Bioethical Framework

Letter from Editor

Letter from the Editor

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Washing to Dilute May be the Answer to Eliminate Fungus from Donor Corneal Tissue

Part Two: Defining Surplus and Waste in the Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Era Via Australian and USA Examples

COVID-19 and the Prevalence of Reactive Tests in Three Eye Banks

Setting Up A Serum Eye Drops Program


World Report on Vision

The Barcelona Principles: A Global Bioethical Framework


Kevin P. Corcoran, CAE


In 2018, the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations (GAEBA), of which EBAA is a founding member, introduced a bioethical agreement regarding the appropriate use of altruistically donated ocular tissue and the responsibility to promote sustainable eye banking operations in countries around the world.

Endorsed by the Cornea Society, the International Agency to Prevent Blindness, the International Council of Ophthalmology and other groups, this agreement came to be known as The Barcelona Principles following their endorsement by the World Health Organization during its meeting in Barcelona. During its governance meetings last month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology endorsed The Barcelona Principles, formalizing its support for the ethical stewardship of donated ocular tissue.

In recognition of AAO’s ratification, IJEB is happy to publish The Barcelona Principles.

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