Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Call to Action: Launching the International Journal of Eye Banking

Global Perspectives

The Evolution of Eye Banking in the United States: Landmarks in the History of the Eye Bank Association of America

European Eye Bank Association: Past, Present, and Future

Literature Review

Eye Banking in the 21st Century: How Far Have We Come? Are We Prepared for What’s Ahead?

Original Research

A Prospective, Randomized Trial of DSAEK Outcomes Comparing Different Donor Preparation Devices

Temporal Variability in the Number of Medically Eligible Corneas Released for Glycerol Preservation: the Global Sight Network Experience

Screening Potential Cornea Donors with Signs Indicating Possible Sepsis

Picture Challenge

Picture Challenge: What is This?

Picture Challenge: What is This?


David E. Korroch, CEBT


corneal transplantation, Ex-PRESS, glaucoma, shunt


This brief challenge asks readers to evaluate an accompanying clinical diagram or photograph and then compare their response to the author’s explanation.


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