Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Letter From the Editor

Global Perspectives

The Evolution of Eye Banking and Regulatory Standards in Canada

Original Research

Medical Examiner and Eye Banks as Partners for Transplantation in the United States

Donor Designation Impact on the Availability of Transplantable Allografts in the United States

Eye Donation Project: Differences Between Donors Versus Refusers

Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Using Donor Tissue From Donors With a History of Laser In Situ Keratomileusis or Photorefractive Keratectomy

Cornea donation in Denmark

Letter From the Editor


Ellen Heck, MT (ASCP), MA, CEBT, Editor in Chief


Editor’s Note: A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the first issue of the International Journal of Eye Banking now under the auspices of the Eye Bank Association of America. This edition looks at donation practices and programs in three countries and the United States. In addition, it includes one research clinical paper, which also relates to donated cornea tissue for transplantation. Since March is National Eye Donor Awareness Month in the United States, a focus on donation practices seemed appropriate, especially as they are the basis for tissue transplant availability.

The editor and editorial board hopes that the readership will find these papers informative, and that the eye banking community worldwide will support the journal with readership and submissions for publication. All submissions will have a timely review by one or two of our content expert reviewers or by someone with expertise in the field of the submission, so that we may have journal publications of interest and benefit to a wide audience within the field of eye banking and transplantation.

The coming of age of “International Eye Banking” necessitates that eye banking have a venue for the publication of its scientific and clinical practices. The Journal will strive to be the forum of choice for eye banking related publications thereby documenting the progress and professionalism of eye banking and its contributions to clinical care and transplantation. As editor I look forward to hearing from you with your comments, suggestions and most especially your submissions.

International Journal of Eye Banking • vol. 3 no. 1 • Mar 2015 • © 2015 Eye Bank Association of America. All rights reserved •

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