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2017 Vol. 5, No 1

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Featured Article

Corneal Cross-linking for the Treatment of Keratoconus: Laboratory Science, Clinical Effect and the Potential Impact to Eye Banking in the United States

Tyler A. Hall, M.D., Alan Blake, CEBT, Kyle Mavin, CEBT

Original Research

Tissue Processing Factors Influencing Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Thickness and Endothelial Outcomes

Nita G. Valikodath, MS, Meraf A. Wolle, MD, MPH, Daniel Sand MD, Lauren Johnson, MS, Maria A. Woodward MD, MS

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Original Research

Challenges in Testing Post-Mortem Blood Samples

Harry E. Prince, PhD,(AMBLI), Rod Q. Hale, MS

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Specular Microscopy Image Quality Scale for Endothelial Cell Density Determination in Donor Cornea Tissue

Jianyan Huang, MD, PhD, Tudor C. Tepelus, PhD, Ping Huang, MD, PhD, Adam Fox, CEBT, Andrew J Maxwell, CEBT, Srinivas Sadda, MD, Olivia L. Lee, MD

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Original Research

Epithelial Desquamation, Regeneration and Renewal in Corneal Graft Prepared for Clinical Use

Michael Nicolas, PhD, Meriem Tekaya and François Majo, MD-PhD

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Clinical Profile of Patients Awaiting Keratoplasty in Northern India

Saranya Devi, MD, DNB, Anita Ganger, MD, DNB, Archita Singh, MD, Mohamed Ibrahime Asif, MBBS, Dr. Noopur Gupta, MD PhD, Vanathi Morugesan, Radhika Tandon

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Sinaloa Organ and Tissue Bank: Our Experience in Eye Banking. A 8-Year Review from 2007 through 2015

Abel Ramón-Concepción, Melesio Palazuelos-Gaxiola, Emilia M Camacho-Borquez, Melesio E Palazuelos-Lopez, German Villagomez-Tirado, Jesus R Alvarez-Feliz, Silvia Paz-Camacho, Yolanda Chavez-Romero, Jse M Piña-Valdez

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Letter from the Editor

Ellen Heck, MT (ASCP), MA, CEBT

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