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A Protocol for Implementation and Use of A Tissue Incubator for Rapid Corneal Warming at the Eye Bank

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A Protocol for Implementation and Use of A Tissue Incubator for Rapid Corneal Warming at the Eye Bank


Jameson Clover, CEBT, Amy Ansin, BS, Khoa D. Tran, PhD


Implementation of rapid tissue warming; Corneal tissue evaluation; Tissue evaluation time; Eye bank tissue warming; Tissue incubation



Purpose: To share a protocol and the experience of implementing
a tissue incubator and rapid warming procedure to increase
the quality and efficiency of corneal evaluations at an eye bank.

Method: A method is described for selecting a suitable tissue
incubator, equipment qualification process (installation qualification,
operational qualification, and performance qualification
(IQOQPQ)), active temperature monitoring, and cleaning and
maintenance schedules. Also shared is the incubation protocol
prior to tissue evaluation for newly recovered donor corneas and
the documentation procedures. Finally, included is a discussion
of key considerations for changes to standard operating procedures
as well as the benefits of improved workflow at the eye

Results: The qualification process for this incubator was performed
over a 3.5-week period (from design through approval).
Temperature tracking during the testing phase showed that the
equipment worked properly and maintained the desired temperature
range. Incubation protocols were established and implemented
with minimal difficulties.

Conclusion: Rapid warming has helped improve workflow at
the eye bank and has allowed staff to reliably obtain superior
specular images.

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