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Effects of Povidone-iodine Dissolved in the Cornea Storage Media on Endothelial Cell Health

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Letter from the Editor

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Corneal Cross-Linking Pre-Operative Assessment Using OCT Full-Field Corneal Pachymetry Compared to Ultrasonic Pachymetry

Utilization of the Novel RE-One Device for Human Eye Procurement Improves the Quality of Transplantation-Grade Corneal Tissue and Research-Grade Posterior Eye

Letter from the Editor


Ellen Heck, Co-Editor in Chief
Patricia Dahl, Co-Editor in Chief


As Spring arrives and the days get longer, a feeling of hope brings a promise of more normal times ahead. A year ago some of us were in denial of the magnitude of what was to come. If we had known that it would truly take at least 12 months to ride this storm, would we have done things differently? Maybe. Hindsight, after all, is 20/20.

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