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Table of Contents

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Sector Opinion, on How Corneal Tissue Should Be Exported, and to Whom - Using the Example of Australia as an Export Nation

Storing Corneas - Innovations in Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Implementation of a Diabetes Rating Scale Can Reduce DMEK Graft Preparation Failure Among Less Experienced Technicians

The Investigation Process Following a Cluster of Post Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial-Keratoplasty (DSAEK) Endophthalmitis at a Single Eye Bank in Pre-prepared Corneal Tissue

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The Barcelona Principles, an agreement on the use of human donated tissue for ocular transplantation, research, and future technologies, drafted by the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations sets forth nine principles that perhaps warrant review. Designed to reflect ethical standards and transparency in all phases of obtaining and utilizing the altruistic gift of cells, tissues and organs it addresses certain parameters that with the technology advancements in corneal transplantation become less clearly applied. Principle 2 “Protect the integrity of the altruistic and voluntary donation and its utility as a public resource for the shared benefit of all.” This Principle reminds us to “Prevent commercialization during custodianship,” with commercialization defined as “Trade in ocular tissue where a fee is charged for the purpose of making a profit, that may be paid to owners or investors.” Principle 3 seeks to “Support sight restoration and ocular health for recipients” by encouraging the development and use of “new technologies and methods in conjunction/collaboration with the ophthalmic community, that seek to reduce the burden on donor need, and enhance treatment options for recipients.”

• How do these two principles interact?
• Will advancement occur without some degree of commercialization?
• What level of development cost, including research, trials and planning for replacement
obsolescence is still not for profit and what becomes “corporate profit”?
• Where in the Barcelona Principles does the changing technology and advancing spectrum of eye
banking for the improvement of recipient outcome fall to be in accordance with these principles?

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